Jerry Wiles
Aug 31, 2017

Valve Trombone Stella

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I'm looking to make my own Stella but i have no idea of how to start this. I basically have no knowledge of coding or assembling hardware like this. Not only am I looking to make one for myself but I also would like for it to work with my trombone mouthpiece as well. Since I dont really understand how the code works would it still work with me buzzing something like an octave lower than a trumpeter would normally? Some

help on how to get started would be greatly appreciated.

Sep 1, 2017Edited: Nov 19, 2017

Hey Jerry, glad to hear you're interested.


So as of now, Stella won't work very well with a trombone or tuba mouthpiece. This is because the notes that are buzzed are lower than those made with a trumpet mouthpiece. However, this functionality might be possible in the future! I'll definitely keep you updated on this forum.


If you're interested in the technical details, I can explain a little. Essentially, the lower the note, or frequency, that is buzzed, the longer Stella will take to identify which note it is. This is because a lower note has a longer wavelength, meaning it takes more time to capture one full wavelength of the note. Anything more than 10 milliseconds of delay will be distracting to a musician, and trombone/tuba mouthpieces produce notes that are low enough to produce that kind of delay.


I believe there's a way around this, by detecting the higher frequency harmonics of a note, rather than just the fundamental (or lowest frequency) of the note. However, I haven't found the time to look into this!


Til next time,



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