Apr 11, 2018

When will I be able to buy 1


How's the project getting along/ when will it be ready to be sold?

May 13, 2018

Hey ruji!


Sorry for late late reply. I'm planning to work on Stella more this summer, finalizing the design and making a few more prototypes. I'll keep this site updated with Stella's progress.


I'd like to start selling them ASAP, although beta testing will come before anything terribly official. I'll start reaching out to interested people once we're at the point.


Happy to see you're interested! Keep checking back for updates, it's coming along.



Oct 7

this looks so cool, take my money... looking forward to trying it out one day

Oct 11

Haha, and I'm looking forward to getting them in peoples' hands. Still got a thread running on this but my master's thesis is taking heavy priority until I graduate next May.

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  • Jerry Wiles
    Sep 1, 2017

    I'm looking to make my own Stella but i have no idea of how to start this. I basically have no knowledge of coding or assembling hardware like this. Not only am I looking to make one for myself but I also would like for it to work with my trombone mouthpiece as well. Since I dont really understand how the code works would it still work with me buzzing something like an octave lower than a trumpeter would normally? Some help on how to get started would be greatly appreciated.