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Stella's code is the heart of the instrument. It determines how the user inputs are translated in to the MIDI signals that enter your synthesizer. The code is a vital part of determining the character of the instrument.

Code Overview

Stella's code is licensed under the GNU General Public License, and can be accessed at All are free to use, modify, and sell it, as long as it maintains the same license conditions.

Code Structure

The code is well commented and somewhat simply structured. A general breakdown is outlined below.

  • The valve state is continuously read.

  • FFT results are continuously analyzed.

    • The frequency peak is determined, though not precisely​

  • The valve position and FFT results are combined to determine the note being played.

  • Corresponding MIDI data is sent via USB, consisting of:

    • note on signals​

    • note off signals

    • note velocity signals

    • volume signals

That's about it. There's certainly complexity buried in each segment, and quite a few challenges had to be overcome to generate the code, but it's fundamental principles are simple.

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