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Welcome to Stella's New Site!

Hey everyone - this site will be used to document all of Stella's current features, as well as keep everyone updated on its progress as necessary.

The primary reason for creating this site is to prevent others from patenting any of Stella's features. Because this site is in the public domain, anything described within it cannot be patented. The inventors of Stella might have patented the product, if not for a lack of money and time.

Instead of being locked in a patent, Stella will be free for public creation and alteration. In particular, the code is licensed under a GNU General Public License. This will allow others to contribute to Stella, as well as make their own versions. A forum for discussion is included in this website, to this effect.

That's all for now. Enjoying checking out what our team has accomplished, and contribute to the discussion on the forum if you have any thoughts!


David Baylies

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